Hartwig Herefords

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Big Wig

Hartwig Herefords is a Low Maintenance Spring Calving Herd, calving around 75 head from the end of February through April. Cows run on pasture unsuitable for row crop production, and winter on bean stubble and corn stalks with minimal supplementation. Our Passion for Red and White cattle isn’t a Labor of Love, our girls hold their own and pay their way!

 ALH Foundation Females

ALH 0614 XENA 0855
ALH 0614 XENA 0855
ALH 0930
ALH 386 VIOLET 0930
ALH 1043
ALH 386 MOLLY 1043
ALH 1210
ALH 8201 LULA 1210
ALH 1427
ALH 1111 BEAUTY 1427

ALH Females getting the Job Done year after year….

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