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The Boys

We specialize in providing Calving Ease Sires backed by a Low Maintenance and Highly Productive Cowherd. Our Females Stem from a Long Line of AHA Dams of Distinction produced right HERE, our closed herd philosophy pushes our genetic efficiency to the max. A Dam of Distinction is a cow that meets the highest standards of commercial cattle production, our cows fill that job description year in and year out. Our Herdsires are carefully chosen with our Herd Goals always in Mind.

ALH Herdsires

ALH 1307
AHL 490 FELTON 1307
ALH 1423
ALH 1118 PAYNE 1423
ALH 1450
ALH 1111 PAYNE 1450
ALH 1634
ALH 1307 FELTON 1634

We offer a Select Set of Yearlings and Mature Bulls Annually. Bulls are developed with Longevity in Mind from a Consistently Sustainable Cow Herd, contact us for more info!

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