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Hartwig Herefords

Hartwig Hereford History runs deep in Lincoln, IL. Over 3 generations have cultivated the ground around the current Hartwig Hacienda; corn, soybeans, and Hereford Cattle are a Family Tradition. Calving Ease and Low Maintenance Longevity are several of the Goals of the ALH Prefix. We demand that our girls get the job done and have built our cowherd around the solid base of our very own Dams of Distinction. 


The ALH Dispersal Sale is Cancelled

The ALH Cowherd will remain in its entirety and be relocating to Concord, IL
Thank You John Malcott!
We are excited about this tremendous partnership opportunity and the continuation of the ALH Legacy.
I will continue to be a part of the program, we will be offering females and bulls for sale private treaty throughout the year. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

For more info contact Austin Hartwig
(217) 828-0108